The range of games that people can enjoy when visiting a UK online casino is fantastic as there is a large amount of choice meaning lots of different players and their varying tastes are catered for. One of the games with a long running and illustrious history is the UK casino Blackjack game which routes go back to the 17th century. The game was invented in Spain in the 17th century and has evolved over the years with the last one hundred years seeing its inclusion in casinos in the UK and America. The inception of the internet has meant that the UK casino Blackjack game has been made available to players in the comfort of their own home. Players have loved the chance to play the UK casino Blackjack game from their own homes rather than travelling to a land based casino. The provision of the online game has meant that players can play the game at any time of the day or night which is something players greatly appreciate. The main objective in the UK casino Blackjack game is very simple and this simplicity is the main reason for the games success and huge popularity.

The objective in the UK casino Blackjack game is to hold cards in the hand totaling twenty one in value and no higher. The player takes on the dealer in this game in a one on one battle which is a fantastic chance for the player to enjoy a one on one contest. The main restriction in the UK casino Blackjack game is not to go over the twenty one numbers as this will result in going bust and forfeiting the game. The UK casino Blackjack game tests player’s judgment abilities and their skills and is a very good test of nerves so is therefore very exciting. The rules of the UK casino Blackjack game include that the game is always a one on one contest between the player and the dealer. This one on one contest is always the case no matter how many players are sat around the table. The aim of the game is for the dealer and the player to reach cards in their hand totaling the numerical value of twenty one. The games starts with the player being dealt with two cards and on the strength of these two cards the player must make their next decision.

The two main decisions available to players in the UK casino Blackjack game once they have been dealt the two cards are either standing or being hit. If the player stands they remain with the existing two cards and if they choose to be hit they receive another card. The numerical value of the cards in the UK casino Blackjack game is all face value and the J, Q, K are worth 10 with the A being worth either 1 or 11. The other decisions that are available to players after the main two include three options which are not available to the player. The first of these options in the UK casino Blackjack game is the split which can occur if the player has two of the same cards. The player can split the deck if they have two of the same cards which mean they play the game with two hands active. The other options which is only available to players in the UK casino Blackjack game is the double down option. This option means that players can double their stake once they seen their first two cards and they agree to receiving one more card.

The final option which is available exclusively to players in the UK casino Blackjack game is the surrender option. The surrender option is available to players after they are dealt the initial two cards then they can stop playing and quit the hand losing only half their stake. The surrender option is useful if the player is dealt a bad hand of cards. The three options that are available exclusively to players and not the dealer in the UK casino Blackjack game should be remembered and utilized if players are to play to the best of their abilities. The simple objectives and style of play in the UK casino Blackjack game create a very enjoyable game which results depend on player’s rational thinking. If players want to enjoy a game with more tactical decisions then the UK casino Roulette game is an excellent option as it gives players lots of different betting options. One of the other table games that is available online which offers a very similar playing experience is the Baccarat game which also involves a one on one contest with the dealer. The Baccarat and UK casino Blackjack games draw many similarities which players will enjoy exploring and playing.

The UK casino Blackjack game can be enjoyed at the Ladbrokes UK online casino which offers players a fantastic overall playing experience. This casino has a large variety of different UK online casino deposits options available for players to access and make use of. The casino has a twenty four hour customer support department who are on hand to assist players with any problems they may have whilst playing. The customer support agents are specially trained and know all of rules regarding the Blackjack game so they can effectively advise players. The casino offers the UK casino Blackjack game via live feed which is a fantastic playing experience which gives players the chance to interact with a real croupier. The live feed works by the player being connected via a web cam and live feed with a real croupier in a land based casino. The experience is excellent and one of the most authentic casino games playing experiences available online. The advantages of the UK casino Blackjack game includes it simplicity and the fact it is very easy for players to learn and understand. In conclusion the UK casino Blackjack game is highly enjoyable and players will love the buzz and adrenaline rush that it creates. Can’t get enough of Blackjack and want to know more about this great casino game? Check out and read anything related to online Blackjack and become an expert player!