The Tomb Raider game is a branded slot based on a highly exciting computer game and more recently sequence of action movies. The smash hit action movie stars Angelina Jolie as the main Lara Croft character and fans of these movies will absolutely love this slot game. The story of the Tomb Raider game places players into the shoes of Lara Croft, Lara is a very rich autocrat who has over the years trained to be a very effective treasure hunter. Lara Croft has learned of an ancient Indian legend about a lost tomb in the Indian jungle which is believed to have a large amount of treasure in it. Lara sets off into the jungle with an ancient treasure map to find the tomb armed with her trusty twin pistols and compass. The Tomb Raider game is full of dangers which include large tigers and other treasure hunters which add a large level of excitement to the game. The tomb which Lara searches for has a set of different booby traps which the player mast navigate their way past if they want to be successful. The Tomb Raider game is available to be played at the major UK online casino providers and the ones recommended in this guide offer a safe and secure playing experience.

The background of the Tomb Raider game shows the inside of a tomb which has different dark bricks laid out across the screen. The background is a very attractive display which looks fantastic as it greatly enhances the games theme. The title text is taken directly from the film and computer game which creates a great feeling for players as they will instantly think of their favourite film. The symbols in the Tomb Raider game include both the traditional and themed types. The traditional symbols include the 10, J, Q, K and A and are presented in a bold font which looks excellent on players screens. The themed symbols in the Tomb Raider game include the tiger, ornament, cog, Lara Croft character, Lara with guns and logo. The themed symbols are all presented with bright colours and a clear style of animation which players will really enjoy. The fusion of the all of these different visual effects work excellently at creating a very attractive display which players will love. The other important element of the Tomb Raider slots physical appearance is the sound effects which are played. The sound effects include haunting deep background music which adds a lot of suspense and excitement to the slot.

The various winning line combinations when formed all play different explosive noises which sound excellent and add to the slots excitement levels. The bonus rounds also play a selection of unique themed tones which add to the slots overall atmosphere and excitement levels. The next important part of the Tomb Raider slot is that the game can be experienced either for free or for money. In addition to this players can either download or play the game via flash depending on their personal preference. This game can be enjoyed at the Ladbrokes UK online casino either for free or for cash which is excellent as the casino is fully safe and secure. The casino is fully regulated by the approved licensing authority which means that players are guaranteed a fair playing experience. The game play in the Tomb Raider game includes a medium sized slot format and three exhilarating bonus rounds. The format of the Tomb Raider game is a five reel and fifteen win line set up which gives players a moderate amount of choice when selecting their win lines. The bonus rounds that are available in the Tomb Raider game include the wild, scatter and tomb bonus round which all have very different functionality and winning potential.

The main aim for a player when they play the Tomb Raider game is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across a win line. The different symbols in the Tomb Raider slot all pay out a different amount and these can be seen in the pay table. The more symbols that the player manages to line up means that the amount paid out increases. The first decision a player must make when they play the game is how many of the different win lines to have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that are active means their winning chances increase along with the cost of the spin. The lower the selection of win lines in the Tomb Raider game means the players winning decrease as does the cost of the spin. If players want to enjoy a slot game with a higher amount of win lines to play with then they should try the Mega Moolah game. The Mega Moolah game has twenty five win lines for players to choose from and is an excellent game based on an African Safari. The first of the bonuses in the Tomb Raider slot is the wild bonus which is represented by the logo symbol.

The logo symbol has the ability to switch places with any other symbol on the board in order to help form a winning line combination. The scatter feature is the second bonus in the Tomb Raider game and is represented by the Lara with guns character. The player must spin in the Lara with gun symbol three times at once to results in the award of ten win spins which are played on a multiplier of three. The scatter bonus because of the high multiplier that the spins are paid on is very lucrative and therefore desirable. The tomb bonus in the Tomb Raider game is represented by the idol symbols which the player needs to spin three, four or five off into an active win line to win. The tomb bonus loads into a new screen and presents players with a very exciting and potentially very lucrative playing session. The overall combination of three bonuses in the Tomb Raider game creates a very entertaining and exciting playing session. In conclusion the Tomb Raider game offers a brilliant theme and presents it with a stunning selection of visual and sound effects. If players tire of the slot game and want a different type of playing experience then they should play one of the UK live online casino games.