The Major Millions slot is a progressive jackpot game which presents players with the opportunity to win a life changing sum of money. The game in addition to presenting players with the chance to win a life changing sum of money also has a highly exciting theme which centers on an eccentric army major. The games armed forces theme is conveyed to players with a stunning collection of visual and sound effects. The armed forces theme in the Major Millions game focuses on a huge jolly major with a large moustache. The game shoes all of the different forces he controls which include army, air force and navy. These different forces in the Major Millions game are shown on the screen with lots of different exciting objects like tanks, ships, guns and medals which help immerse players in the armed forces theme. The Major Millions game presents these elements in a very lighthearted and upbeat way which adds to the games vibrant and entertaining atmosphere. If players would prefer to play a game with a darker and more sinister theme then the Hellboy slot is an excellent option. The Hellboy slot tells the story of a battle between a monster and paranormal forces which is both dark and very exciting.

The sound and visual effects which are used and combine together in the Major Millions slot are excellent. The visual effects in the slot consist of the background, symbols and the title text. The title text included in the slot is one of the visual highlights as it is shown in bright colours and gets larger at each end. The text also features an army logo behind it which greatly enhances the games theme. The background in the Major Millions slot is a plain blue screen which looks excellent as it allows the other elements of the slot to stand out. The most prominent feature of the Major Millions slots appearance is the symbols which are all presented in bright colours which enable them to stand out from the slots background. The themed symbols in the game include the ammunition, binoculars, tanks, major’s hat, planes and ships. The style of animation of these symbols is very comic which is an effect player’s will greatly appreciate as it adds a funny and lighthearted feel to the slot. The combination of these different visual elements in the Major Millions slot works excellently at creating an attractive an entertaining slot.

The sound effects in the Major Millions slot are another very important element of the slots performance. The background music is a clever combination of electronic tones which build an intense and exciting atmosphere. The winning line combinations in the slot game when activated all play war related noises which include guns being fired and explosions. The progressive jackpot when won makes a very special noise which only the luckiest of players will hear. The Major Millions slot can be enjoyed at one of the premier UK online casino providers who offer the game either via download or flash depending on player personal preference. The Spin Palace UK online casino offers a fantastic safe and secure environment for players to enjoy the game. The casino has a twenty four hour customer support department who are open every day of the year and are able to assist with player enquires. The customer support agents are specially trained in how to play the Major Millions slot game and can advise players accordingly. The game play in the Major Millions slot is excellent as there is a medium sized slot format and a couple of great bonuses.

The format of the Major Millions slot is a five reel and fifteen win line set up which is ideal for players wanting a moderate amount choice when they select their win lines. The player should remember the higher they make their win line selection means their winning chances increase along with the cost of the spin. If the player is on a budget then the lower the winning selection means their chances of winning decreases along with the cost of the spin. The main objective for players once they have made their winning line selection is to line up three, four of five matching symbols across a win line. The more symbols that the player aligns increases the amount of the prize payment made to the player. The different symbols in the Major Millions slot all result in differing amounts being paid to the player and these can be seen in the pay table. The pay table is a wonderful tool for players to utilize to learn which symbols they should focus on aligning. The Major Millions game has two great bonuses on offer in addition to the excellent progressive jackpot. The bonus rounds in the Major Millions game include the scatter and wild features.

The wild bonus is represented in the Major Millions game by the logo symbol which has the power to change places with any other symbol in order to form a winning line combination. The logo symbol when involved in forming a winning line combination automatically trebles the amount paid to the player. The next important bonus in the Major Millions slot is the scatter feature which is represented by the scatter logo symbol. If the player spins this logo into the screen three, four or five times the player are rewarded with a bonus payment. The best feature in the Major Millions slot is the progressive jackpot which can be won if the player manages to spin five logo symbols in across the middle reel. The progressive jackpot works by a small amount of each players bet being contributed into a communal fund that can reach huge amounts. In conclusion the Major Millions slot offers players a fantastic entertaining armed forces theme which is presented in vibrant comic animation. The game play in the slot is excellent as there are two bonuses to unlock as well as the chance to trigger the progressive jackpot. If players are wondering what is a UK online casino it is highly recommended they try this slot game as it summarizes what they are looking for.