The Hellboy slot game is one of the finest five reel branded action and adventure slots on the internet with a great storyline presented with excellent effects. The game play in the slot is also superb as players will love the variety of bonuses and relatively large slot format. The Hellboy game is based on a very famous comic book series which has recently been made into two smash hit Hollywood movies. The story behind the Hellboy game is fantastic as it details how a monster was summoned from Earth by the Nazi’s in the Second World War. The Monster was intended to be used as a weapon by at the end of the war he was captured by the Allies and has since been used for the benefit of mankind in battling against evil paranormal forces. This monster known as Hellboy has a huge red muscular body with a tail and large head with two saw off horns. The game follows his adventures as he fights these evil paranormal forces and for this reason is very entertaining and exciting. The games comic book action hero theme is brought to life with a stunning collection of visual and sound effects.

The visual components of the Hellboy game include the background, title text and the symbols. The overall style of the visual effects is fantastic as they are all presented with the original style of comic book animation. The background of the Hellboy game shows a night’s sky in a blue colour with black skyscrapers rising up to the skies. The symbols in the game are one of the highlights of the slots performance as they include different characters from the comics and films. The characters represented as symbols include Liz Sherman, Hellboy, Johann Krauss, Trevor Buttenholm and Abe Sapien. These characters are all presented with a stunning style of colourful visual effects which look absolutely fantastic on the screen. The title text of the game is the same style text as used in the comic books and films which looks fantastic on the screen. The combination of these various visual effects in the Hellboy game works masterfully to create a highly attractive game that people will really enjoy. People who play in a UK online casino will play this slot and will immediately greatly appreciate the quality of the effects as they present an exciting theme excellently.

The sound effects that the Hellboy slot plays are excellent as they manage to create a very dark and menacing atmosphere. The fact that the sound effects generate this atmosphere is a very fitting feature to the slots theme. The various winning line combinations in the slot all have their own sound effect which is played to signify that the line has been created. The bonus rounds in the Hellboy slot all have their own individual sound effect which is played to signify the bonus round has been activated. The next important element of the Hellboy slots performance is the game play and this is the most important factor as it determines players winning chances. The format of the Hellboy slot is a five reel and twenty win line game which gives players a large amount of flexibility when they select their win lines. The more win lines that are selected increases the players winning chances and the cost of the spins. The lower the player makes their winning line selection means the spin becomes cheaper along with their winning chances. The main aim and objective for a player when they spin the reels is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across the win line.

The more symbols that the player lines up across a win line in the Hellboy game means that the amount paid out to the player increases. The different symbols in the Hellboy slot all result in differing amounts being paid out to the player and this can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table is a fantastic tool seen in all different casino games and allows players to see which symbols they should focus on aligning. The range of UK casino pub slots do not feature a separate pay table as they display this information on the slots main screen which is an excellent feature of these games. The other way that players can win prizes in the Hellboy slot is by activating one of the slots bonus rounds. The bonus rounds that are available to be activated in the Hellboy slot include the wild, scatter, and gamble and random features which all have very different functionality and winning potential. The wild bonus is represented by the logo symbol which has the ability to swap places with any other symbol in the game in order to form a winning line combination. The logo symbol when involved in forming a winning line combination automatically doubles the amount paid to the player making it a very lucrative feature.

The scatter bonus available to players in the Hellboy game is represented by the fist symbol. The player must spin three of the fist symbols into the screen at one time to trigger the bonus. The scatter bonus when triggered rewards the player with access to the underworld bonus which loads into a new screen. The new screen shows players a layer of different underwater chambers which the player has to choose from to trigger a prize. The random bonus in the Hellboy game can occur at any time either after a winning or losing spin of the reels. The random bonus rewards players with free spins which can be very rewarding. The final bonus in this UK online casino game is the excellent gamble feature which gives players the option to risk their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet to either double or lose them. One of the other games that offer an excellent selection of bonus rounds is the Hitman game which gives players a fantastic chance to make great winnings. In conclusion the Hellboy game offers players a fantastic slot game with great playability as it has a wonderful selection of bonus rounds and a large slot format. The Hellboy game also has a very dark and scary theme which players will find very exciting and entertaining.